Have fun with Norbert's Mainframetools (Freeware)

Alles sources have been written in REXX and are available as *.TXT files.
To download either click the link and cut & paste the text or right-click the link and "Save Link As". (GB) means, that the description is in english, (D) means, the the discription is in german (Deutsch). If you download and use the following procedures, you will do that at your own risk!

Prozedures can be used in the TSO/ISPF environment. They must be called with "TSO procedure"
AUTOMAT-Procedure (D) Starts several split-screens automaticaly.
SPFLIST-Procedure (D) Seperates and saves the members of the dataset 'userid.SPFn.LIST' (from German-IBM course 16H82, 16H87).
CUAATTR-Procedure (D) Analyze CUA attributes from ISPSPROF.
PACKAN-Procedure (D) Touches every dataset ('userid.*', so that HSM will not migrate it).
INTER-Procedure (GB) Small REXX-testinterpreter.
FSCREEN-Procedure (GB) Find characters on the screen (With two undocumented ISPF systemvariables).
SAVE-Procedure (GB) Double a data set (PS/PO).
CHALL-Procedure (GB) Change strings in all/some members of a PDS.

Macros are commands which can be used on the commandline of the ISPF-Editor.
Initial macro (GB) Saves Cursorpostion, Screenposition, excludet lines and labels (Read the documentation for further information).
AREA-Macro (GB) Counts the number of lines in the )AREA-Section of a ISPF-Panel.
BODY-Macro (GB) Counts the number of lines in the )BODY-Section of a ISPF-Panel.
KILL-Macro (D) Deletes (!!!) the member beeing edited.
BIG-Macro (GB) Creates huge letters.
BOX-Macro (GB) Creates a frame (remark lines) around lines (REXX, Cobol, PL/1 and JCL).
CFIND-Macro (GB) Cursor-Find, find string under the cursor.
COLA-Macro (GB) CObol LAbels, sets labels in an cobol source member.
ET-Macro (GB) Move changes, made in VIEW-mode into the editor (ET=Edit This, needs ET2-Macro)
ET2-Macro (GB) Part 2 of ET-Macro.
FF-Macro (GB) Find first. Editcommand FIND, with fix parameter first.
INCL-Macro (GB) Opposite of Editcommand EXCLUDE.
LINFO-Macro (GB) Line-Info, information about every line in the editor.
SETLAB-Macro (GB) Sets edit labels (i.e. .AAAAA) on lines with searchstring.
MCANCEL-Macro (GB) This macro does nothing. Just leaves the editor.
MIRACLE-Macro (?) Try to find out, what this macro does...?

LINEMAC-Macro (D) Realizes linecommand macros (!!!).

Functions can be used in other REXX-programs.
KONKAT-Function Concationation (like || or !!)
ODER-Function OR (like | or !)
NOT-Function NOT (like ^)
WHOHELDS-Function. Who helds a "DATASET IN USE"?

See also:
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     http://www.noadatex.de (My homepage, D).