Initialmacro IMAC and other macros

Do you know the following problem:

While you are editing a dataset or a member of a PDS, you set some label, exclude some lines, and scroll down to a special line.

Next day, all those settings (labels, excludet lines, cursor- and screenpostion) have been gone and you start again from scratch.

This is boringly!

The following macros (IMAC, LGET, LPUT and MYEND plus LREORG) will be able to start the editor exactly the same way you left it! With all the set labels, the excludet lines and the cursor- and screenposition!

That's the way it looks like.

What you need is:

Macro IMAC The main macro.
Macro LGET Resaves the settings made by LPUT.
Macro LPUT Saves the settings of the editor.
Macro MYEND Will be used ending the editor.

Macro LREORG Will reorganize the Label-DSN (Nice to have).

Please see Macro LPUT for further information.